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Do you suspect that your mother, father or other elderly loved one has suffered physical, emotional or sexual abuse in a Georgia nursing home?

According to information contained in a recent GAO report submitted to the United States Congress, nursing home administrators often do not run background checks on employees and incident reports are not timely filed with the Georgia Department of Human Services, Division of Aging Services.  The National Center on Elder Abuse reports that incidents of abuse occur in up to 30% of nursing homes, and only 1 out of every 14 incidents are actually reported.

Further, reports that are actually filed by the nursing home are often delayed, sometimes by weeks.

Currently over 32,000 seniors reside in Georgia nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Seniors in well run nursing homes receive competent, caring attention from properly trained and supervised staff.   Problems that arise are usually addressed quickly with prompt notification to concerned relatives.

Some Georgia seniors, however, do not enjoy a high level of care.  Facilities unwilling to spend sufficient funds on staff training and background checks, or on facility maintenance often experience problems in providing even a minimal level of care.  Disabled residents sometimes do not have the capacity to verbalize complaints or they are intimidated into keeping quiet.  By the time an adult child or caretaker becomes aware of the problem, serious medical problems can arise.

That's where my law firm comes in.  We represent injured and abused nursing home residents and their family members.  With over 50 years' of combined experience, Jodi & Jonathan Ginsberg have the experience and resources to investigate cases of elder abuse and to use the court system to redress those cases.

If you'd like to talk to Jodi or Jonathan about a case of suspected elder abuse, please call us at 770-393-4985.  We do not charge for phone calls and we accept abuse cases using a "no fee unless you win" contingency fee contract.  

Don't let your loved one become part of the discouraging statistics of elder abuse.  Call us for more information about steps you can take to protect your elderly loved one who can no longer protect himself or herself.